Laszlo Ignatisak


I graduated as a Licentiate in Veterinary Medicine -86, after which I worked first in Estonia and subsequently in Finland since -93 onwards. I speak Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian, Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Erno Miettinen


I graduated as a Licentiate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Helsinki. I serve clients in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Ulla Kotro-Kervinen

Veterinary nurse

I have worked as an assistant at Laszlo-Vet from the year 2016 onwards. I breed dachshunds at my Arvocas kennel and I also work as a professional trimmer at Ullacon Karvaamo. My whole working career consists of caring for animals, from mice to cows.

Annika Alanen


An enthusiastic dog hobbyist. I am studying to become a Veterinary nurse via apprenticeship contract.


Always on the terms of the animal,  warmly respecting the owner's wishes.


VETERINARIAN Laszlo Ignatisak


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