We have moved!


You can find us at: Munkinkuja 2, 02400 Kirkkonummi. Entrance is from the courtyard side.


We have updated our prices in October 2023.

Our service level has improved (further) with excellent laboratory equipment.


We currently use Eurolyser CUBE-VET, VetScan 2 and urine analyzers which allow us to determine CRP-, pancreas-, lipase-, liver-, kidney-, sugar- and T4-values ​​during the visit, as well as progesterone tests.

We'll let you know about future events on this page.

VETERINARIAN Laszlo Ignatisak



02400 Kirkkonummi


mon TUE THU Fri 09:00-16:00

WED 09:00-17:00

sat 10:00-15:00


0400830515   |   laszlo@elisanet.fi